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Edstruments is a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service budget and finance tool comprised of three integrated modules: Budget Management, Budget Planning, and Personnel Budgeting. Our product was designed to save CFOs, COOs, principals, operations leaders, and department heads from countless hours spent on spreadsheets and manual budgeting processes – and to rededicate that time to important strategic work for the benefit of their students. Edstruments syncs directly with your accounting/ERP/payroll systems and can be implemented in as little as one week.

Our three product modules work together as an integrated suite designed to be user-friendly and intuitive for people with a wide range of prior finance experience (including those with no experience!)

  • Our Budget Management module engages budget owners with real-time actuals on the budgets that are relevant to them and gives them the agency to request budget transfers, encumber known expenses, and track spending against academic/SEL goals.
  • Our Budget Planning module allows leaders to model a variety of budget scenarios using customizable revenue and expenditure drivers. Central office and site-level leaders can collaborate and iterate on these budgets in one place, streamlining the approval process and increasing buy-in and stakeholder engagement.
  • Our Personnel Budgeting module provides a comprehensive way to model staffing expenditures, including salary, benefits, and stipends. Leaders can compare compensation across role types, grade levels, subject areas, and more – leading to more equitable pay policies and strategies.

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Edstruments is already serving CMOs across several states with enrollment ranging from 400 to over 10,000. Active accounting integrations include Sage Intacct, Quickbooks Online, Blackbaud Financial Edge, Abila MIP, and more.

Special Offer: The following discounts are available to the first 10 LAPCS member schools or organizations that sign up. To sign up, use your member discount code. If you do not have your code, email an LAPCS administrator.

3-month free trial period: Test Edstruments across an unlimited number of users free for 3 months, paying only the one-time implementation and training costs of $750 per licensed site. Start with any number of sites you wish!

After the trial: 15% discount on standard license fees for first 3 contract years.