Harmony Hobbs

Harmony is a communications professional with a passion for helping people understand complex social issues. While working as a freelance writer for nearly a decade, her work was published all over the internet and in multiple published best-selling anthologies. She has worked on several major projects for Upworthy, including an upcoming book to be released in 2024 published by National Geographic Publishing

She is the co-founder of Hobbs & Hayworth, a three-time Pollie Award-winning duo dedicated to empowering women to run for political office. Together, they volunteered their time and talent to handle campaign messaging, branding, and social media for multiple local political campaigns for female candidates. 

As a communicator, Harmony prides herself on being able to reach diverse groups of people to create a shared understanding of what really matters.  Through working with LAPCS, the hope is that she can remind people that what really matters is our children.