OFF THE SHELF: Stand for your Mission – August 2017

by Neil Ranu, LAPCS Governance Director

On September 5th, public charter schools and the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools (LAPCS) went before the Louisiana Supreme Court for the Type 2 MFP lawsuit.

I bring this case to your attention not to discuss the merits of our argument or the possible outcomes (a summary is here), but instead, to emphasize how important it is for board members to act as advocates for their schools and the mission of the charter school movement. We are here to improve access to high-quality public education for all students.

There are decisions being made at the local, state, and national level that affect the ability of you and your schools to fulfill your missions. Board members are citizen leaders who should be at the table when these decisions are being made. You are the voice your mission needs.

Oversight of your school is just one part of board leadership. Board leadership also involves creating the circumstances in which your mission can be achieved. These circumstances will not emerge by themselves. It takes advocates to make them exist.

The Stand for Your Mission Campaign was launched by several nonprofit organizations to provide board members resources and information for their advocacy efforts.

As you develop your priorities for the year, think about advocacy. It should be a top priority. The tools and resources from Stand for Your Mission can help you prepare your advocacy strategy.

Our legal team and policy experts at LAPCS are working tirelessly to prepare for arguments in the Type 2 MFP lawsuit. We’ll keep everyone informed as we get more information about the case. Read LAPCS statement following oral arguments at the Louisiana Supreme Court here.

And, as always, the Top Shelf is here to help you with advocacy and the rest of your board work. Please contact us for resources or assistance.


Neil Ranu

LAPCS Governance Director

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (504) 291-8478