Louisiana Ranked Fourth in Nation for Empowering Parents

Caroline Roemer Shirley, Executive Director, Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools, said a report by the Center for Education Reform recognizes Louisiana as a leader in empowering parents with public school choice.

The report ranked Louisiana the fourth in the nation because of strong charter laws, multiple charter authorizers and no cap on the number of charter schools in the state.

The report can be downloaded at

“Our state continues to be on a solid path to improving public education by offering more and more quality educational options for students and parents,” said Roemer Shirley. “While much credit is due to our state leaders for creating this strong framework, we must also recognize our charter leaders, teachers and community members for delivering on the challenge to create world class educational options for Louisiana’s children. That’s why we hope many community leaders, parents and educators will join us next week at our annual conference.”

The Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools 6th Annual Conference, Adjusting the Sails: Staying on Course for Success, will be held Friday, September 13, 2013, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Baton Rouge Crowne Plaza, 4728 Constitution Ave.

The event features keynote Jeffery Duncan-Andrade as well as conference tracts dedicated to building strong charter school teaching and accountability in student achievement, excellent charter school employment and operation policies, effective charter board leadership, and involved parent communities.

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