Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools Statement on Funding Lawsuit before the LA Supreme Court

NEW ORLEANS — The Louisiana Supreme Court heard arguments today (September 5, 2017) following a years-long court battle by education reform advocates including the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools (LAPCS), to uphold the constitutional rights of state-funded Type 2 charter Schools. LAPCS along with seven of these schools are fighting for 16,000 students and their families in 42 public charter schools to continue receiving dollars from the state-run funding program known as Minimum Foundation Program (MFP). Opponents of school choice are challenging both the public nature and funding of these schools. LAPCS Executive Director Caroline Roemer released the following statement following today’s court proceedings:

“Today we spoke loud and clear. Public charter schools are indeed public schools. We hope the political bickering by teachers’ unions and others to protect their monopolies on public education ends here. This case is nothing less than a ploy to stop parents from having choices and ensure that money continues to only flow through districts.

For 20 years, public charter schools have received funding and unwavering support from governors and legislators from both parties. It’s time to stop litigating and start educating. Let the money follow our kids into those classrooms, not into the pockets of lawyers. We are confident the court understands that parents have spoken by choosing community charter schools for tens of thousands of students statewide. We believe the Supreme Court judges heard their voices.

Students, parents, educators, and education reform advocates are looking forward to a favorable ruling and believe the Court has an opportunity to send a strong message to other states across the nation that public school students deserve equitable funding, regardless of the public school they attend.

It is the hope of all us who want a choice in our children’s education that the court asserts once and for all, that charter schools are public and are entitled by the Louisiana Constitution to receive the same K-12 public school state funding protections as their traditional public school counterparts.”


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