Let’s not just change history. Let’s make it!

Meet Tatiana Julien, First Black Female Pilot with the Louisiana Army National Guard

All children learn differently. Parents need options as unique as their kids. Charter schools provide the personal attention, creativity, and passionate teaching students need to succeed. 

In recent decades, historic natural disasters, a pandemic, and economic hardships have been constant barriers for our committees. Yet following each historic event that knocked down our city, New Orleans charter schools sprang up and made big swings to improve education. 

Since Hurricane Katrina, our families, educators, and communities have worked for equity in schools and have created options as unique as our students. Since 2004, New Orleans has seen a 48% increase in graduation rates and a 54% increase in college entry. 

New Orleans students are changing history. Pre-Katrina, 62% of New Orleans public schools were failing. In 2019, that decreased to 8%. There is still work to be done and we will not fully achieve our goal as a city until every child attends a high-performing school. 

Charter schools are nimble and continue to pivot to the needs of children during these historical events. Educators work tirelessly to meet students where they are. Serving students in 2022 is equally parts challenging and rewarding. We applaud our teachers for continuously showing up to educate our kids during these trying times.

Let’s support our schools and teachers as they continue to make history, helping our students achieve their educational and career goals.   

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