Board Member Focus: King Logan, Success Preparatory Academy

King LoganWhy did you choose to serve on the Success Preparatory Academy board?
Makiyah made a very strong and persuasive presentation about it! I am excited to see the reforms and changes on the way in public education and decided to become involved personally. I also teach at Tulane so I felt this charter school experience would provide a good balanced perspective between the relative ends of a positive education continuum.

What was compelling about the opportunity?
Initially, I was invited to the board’s annual retreat to observe. As the day evolved, I truly became engaged in their discussions and very attracted by the strength of passion, ideas and commitment among the others I met.

What leadership roles have you held on the board?
I have worked in strategic planning, community relations and board development.

How can people help your school if they are interested?
E-mail me at [email protected]. I’ll take it from there!