Vice President of Schools- IDEA Southern Louisiana (2021-22)


Vice President of Schools- Southern Louisiana



Position at IDEA Public Schools


At IDEA Public Schools, we believe in college for all and we are committed to ensuring that every student graduates from a four-year college.

IDEA was founded in 2000 as a single school with 150 students in the Rio Grande Valley. When student interest exceeded the building capacity, IDEA co-founders, Tom Torkelson and JoAnn Gama, responded to the growing demand from families and launched what is now IDEA Public Schools. Under their leadership, we serve tens of thousands of students across Texas and Louisiana. By 2022, IDEA will be on track to serve 100,000 students in communities across the country.

When you choose to work at IDEA, you aren’t just an employee. You are a part of a team and family. You will work alongside colleagues who set and reach ambitious goals every day, are excited to continue to grow with IDEA, and work relentlessly to make college for all a reality.

To learn a bit more about who we are, check out this video.


About Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is ranked in the top 100 on the U.S. News and World Report Best Places to Live Rankings. It is also home to IDEA Innovation and IDEA Bridge, the first IDEA Public School regions outside of the state of Texas. We are honored to pledge our passion and focus to the students of Baton Rouge and provide an educational experience that will end with college acceptance and matriculation.

While Baton Rouge is well known for its delicious cuisine and entertainment, it is also a nucleus for an abundant culture and history. We are ecstatic to enlist a cohort of strong individuals that will help support student’s dreams to get to and through college.

In 2017, only 1 in 6 students graduated in the state of Louisiana graduated college ready. Changing this statistic is part of the promise IDEA makes to current and incoming students. IDEA Southern Louisiana is part of the solution for sharing the endless possibilities in grade school, college, and beyond.


Role Mission: IDEA Public Schools operates high-quality charter schools with the mission of sending every student to and through college.  Vice Presidents of Schools (VP) are managers of the schools, principals, and initiatives that impact the education of these future graduates.  The VP is responsible for the superior performance of schools, strong regional coordination, and organizational improvement that leads to success in our mission, sustainably and at scale.

  1. S/he is a skilled manager and team leader with exemplary instructional and coaching acumen. Our Vice Presidents of Schools are the senior instructional leaders in the region – supporting the technical skill building, continuous improvement, and impressive results of schools academically, culturally, and in human capital practices.
  2. S/he is driven by goals and uses data in making decisions, providing in-depth monitoring of regional performance metrics and producing compelling plans to motivate and inspire others to act and share investment in achieving operating outcomes. S/he can both build and execute strategy, motivate others to make change, and invest and build relationships with other business partners to support the ambitious academic outcomes of our schools.
  3. S/he has a keen attention to detail and can also see the big picture. Our Vice President of Schools focus on building management capacity and ensure that all of our regional leaders are well equipped and on track to meet goals, additionally they are able to plan to reallocate resources as appropriate to meet the needs of the region.


  1. IDEA launches successfully in LA and meets its goals for growth and expansion
  • Partner with the Executive Director (ED) in establishing and setting a vision for the Southern Louisiana region and establishing organizational culture
  • Assist the ED and other regional staff in activities that support fundraising and expansion
  • With support from IDEA’s Headquarters Program Team, implement and oversee superior academic support efforts, including Special Education, English Language Learners, Behavior Management, Mental Health, and Discipline
  • Plan and launch professional development for all instructional staff
  • Assist school leaders in designing and implementing programs to establish school culture
  • Assist school leaders in designing and implementing extracurricular programs and activities


  1. IDEA Schools in Louisiana are on track to meet the goal of sending 100% of students to and through college

School Performance

  • 100% of schools meet their academic goals
  • 100% of schools attain 97.5% Average Daily Attendance.
  • 90% of students persist within the IDEA system year-to-year
  • 100% of campuses meet enrollment target by close of business Friday of first week of school.
  • Manage healthy adult and student school culture, resulting in positive organizational health results, employee retention, student persistence, and family feedback.

School Improvement

  • 100% of schools improve on 100% of unmet performance goals.
  • 100% of schools continue to meet/exceed met performance goals.


  1. IDEA students outpace students in local district schools on academic performance measures

Student Achievement

  • % of students scoring at Basic+ and Mastery+ exceed the district average on all tested subjects in all tested grades
  • Students will meet or exceed growth/proficiency targets as established annually for IDEA schools in Louisiana
  • 90% of KG students are on/above grade-level in reading, language, and math (all campuses).
  • 85% of 1st-2nd students are on/above grade-level in reading, language, and math (Year 2+ campuses)
  • 70% of 1st-2nd students are on/above grade-level in reading, language, and math (Year 1+ campuses)

Student Growth

  • 50% of all students in CSI grow two or more years in reading and math


  1. A great leader for every school and a great teacher for every classroom

Hiring and Retaining Talent

  • 100% of staff hiring goals and timelines are met for regional academic support positions and campus instructional positions
  • Retain 85% of all Principals and 95% of high-performing Principals.
  • 100% of schools meet instructional staff retention goal of 85%
  • 100% of schools meet employee staff retention goal of 85%
  • Ensure high-quality talent review process at least twice per year for teachers and for leaders
  • 95% Instructional Staff Attendance
  • 83% / 43% Agree/Strongly Agree Organizational Health Results for schools


Developing Talent

  • Establish LA-based PIR and teacher fellowship programs
  • Meet annual goals for hiring PIRS and teacher fellows to fill positions in IDEA schools
  • 100% of PIRs will meet ILP Development Goals
  • 100% of campuses will measure Teacher development, aligned to the GET rubric, and show growth for 100% of teachers


  1. IDEA builds a strong and sustainable organization

Organizational Guidance

  • Represent 100% of schools when approving, guiding, providing feedback, or collaborating with HQ partners around district initiatives, policies, and systems.
  • Successfully leverage key relationships in 100% of functional areas, to ask for feedback and provide guidance for both campuses and HQ partners.
  • Accurately differentiate initiatives for 100% of schools, fostering innovation through earned autonomy and leader collaboration.
  • Support ED in executing on regional town hall meetings to collect regional and organization wide feedback.


Results-focused Coordination

  • With ED, coordinate with, develop and provide feedback to ensure 100% of goals are met for the following campus partners:
  • Human Assets Partners: Regional Directors of Instructional Coaching, Directors of Leader Development, Talent Partners and leader hiring managers
  • Program Partners: both internal (e.g. curriculum team, special programs managers, Individualized Learning Managers) and external (e.g. NIFDI, NMSI)
  • Operations Partners:  Regional Directors of Operations
  • College Success and Alumni Success Team Partners



  1. Lives and embodies the values of IDEA
  • Believes and is committed to our mission: that all students are capable of getting to and through college
  • Is driven by meaningful outcomes and results, and wants to be held accountable for them
  • Prioritizes quality learning for both students and adults
  • Has a propensity for action, willing to make mistakes by doing in order to learn and improve quickly
  • Thrives in an entrepreneurial, high-growth environment; is comfortable with ambiguity and change
  • Seeks and responds well to feedback, which is shared often and freely across all levels of the organization, and actively self-reflects on gaps.
  • Works through silos and forges strong cross-departmental relationships in order to achieve outcomes



  • Mission Focus – focuses on IDEA’s core purpose of getting all students into college
  • Record of Results – holds high expectations for self and others to achieve and surpass intended goals
  • Managing Others to Deliver Results — leads team to achieve measurable and ambitious results
  • Instructional Leadership – leads instructional staff to improve their teaching quickly and measurably through observations, coaching, data conversations, and effective evaluations
  • Problem Solving – able to synthesize, analyze, and prioritize data and opportunities to develop strategies for achieving quantifiable goals
  • Coaching & Developing – develops team through formal and informal methods; makes professional development a top priority
  • Communication – effectively conveys information using a variety of channels and techniques
  • Continuous Improvement – proactively identifies opportunities to improve and consistently reflects on past actions to guide future decisions



•                 Education: Bachelor’s Degree required; Master’s preferred

•                 Experience: 3+ years of teaching experience; 3+ years of school leadership experience

•                  Proven track record of achieving success and of leading others



Salary for this role typically falls between $122,000 and $155,000 commensurate with relevant experience and qualifications. This role is also eligible for a performance bonus based on individual and organizational performance and goal attainment.


IDEA Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability, in admission or access to, or treatment of employment in its programs and activities. Any person having inquiries concerning the organization’s compliance with the regulations implementing Title VI of Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504), or Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), may contact IDEA Human Resources at (956) 377-8000.

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