High School Principal – GEO Next Generation High School (2023)

High School Principal

Baton Rouge, LA


GEO Next Generation High School of Baton Rouge is a cutting edge, non-traditional college and career readiness high school focused on eliminating generational poverty by graduating students from high school on time having already earned college degrees and career certifications at no cost to students. GEO Next Generation High school is a member of GEO Academies, a nationally recognized network of high performing public charter schools that have been featured on CBS Evening News, Fox News, as well as in leading publications including USA Today, EdWeek, and Stanford University’s EducationNext journal.

GEO Next Generation High School is a BESE-approved public charter school that launched in 2019 and is celebrating its first graduating class in May of 2023. 10% of our inaugural class have already earned associate degrees from Baton Rouge Community College and 40% have earned a full year of college credits. GEO Next Generation High School partners with Baton Rouge Community College, Southern University and Louisiana State University to provide real college classes on their campuses for our students. Students are administered the college entrance exam upon entering 9th grade and (if they pass) can start taking college-level classes as early as 9th grade. Students are not limited in the number of college courses they can take at any given time.

We are in search of a licensed and experienced principal knowledgeable of Louisiana high school graduation requirements, School Performance Score metrics, high school testing requirements, high school staffing needs and a proven track record demonstrating “outside the box” thinking to serve as our high school principal. The successful candidate will look at our high school as a launching pad and not a destination and have a passion to empower students to do more than high school. The successful candidate will have the ability to schedule and staff high school coursework for students in grades 9-12 and design a schedule and staffing plan that supports students earning college credits and degrees and career certifications on the campuses of our college partners while in high school.

The successful candidate will be one who can motivate students, staff and parents to support the goals and mission of GEO Next Generation High School. Our next principal will be able to continue building relationships in the community and build exciting programs for the school.

GEO Next Generation High School’s teaching model is centered in TAP. As such we use data to drive instruction, we provide career ladders for our staff, performance pay and job-embedded regular professional development. The successful candidate will have experience as a TAP master teacher and/or administrator.



GEO Foundation CEO and Chief Academic Officer
This is a full-time, year-round administrative position

As a GEO principal, the Head of School is expected to perform the following duties:

  • Work in concert with GEO CEO, Chief Academic Officer to build a team of dedicated faculty and staff
  • Develop, train, and evaluate all staff
  • Recruit students through traditional channels and methods, as well as through the networks of the school’s institutional partners
  • Assist with development of new programs (robotics, gaming, sports, electives)
  • Ensure that the school, its faculty, staff and students, act in a manner that is supportive of the mission of the schools
  • Ensure the school meets state School Performance Score goals
  • Ensure students meet the school’s college and career readiness goals
  • Ensure students meet state graduation timelines and expectations
  • Ensure that the school meets or exceeds its enrollment targets
  • Monitor implementation of TAP, TLaC, blended learning, college and career program, small group instruction and the use of all curriculum materials
  • Support dean of students and teachers with discipline issues
  • Help develop and maintain the school’s vision and goals for student achievement
  • Articulate and foster the school’s desired culture
  • Provide oversite and support to the staff and Assistant Principal
  • Inform GEO CEO and Chief Academic Officer of any problems, concerns or suggestions that have an impact on the operation of the school
  • Participate in personal and professional growth activities
  • Use all available research to evaluate instructional issues
  • Work cooperatively with GEO team members
  • Act as liaison for GEO/school
  • Work in concert with GEO Foundation leadership team to monitor and maintain compliance for all grants and charter including DOE requirements
  • Provide reports to Board meetings on the school’s academic performance and the accomplishments and challenges facing the school
  • Attend and participate in all GEO/School macro management meetings
  • Support a welcoming and inclusive environment for parents, community, and volunteers
  • Support a strong culture of discipline and respect within the school community
  • Promote and cultivate a positive learning culture and climate in the buildings
  • Implement and follow all Board and GEO Foundation policies and regulations
  • Dress professionally and uphold all school policies
  • Perform other duties, as deemed appropriate



  • Master’s degree in school leadership and administration preferred
  • Possess or demonstrate the ability to obtain a Louisiana administrator’s license
  • Commitment to the mission and organizational goals of GEO Academies
  • Proven academic success with urban students
  • TAP Certified and Experienced
  • At least five years of successful teaching and/or leadership experience in an urban environment.
  • Familiarity and experience implementing Teach Like a Champion Strategies


  • Experience or familiarity in most of the following areas:
  • Blended Learning with an online environment
  • Data-driven analysis and instruction
  • TAP Certification
  • Successful teaching and leadership experience in an urban environment
  • Successful experience as a building administrator with proven organizational, problem-solving, and written and oral communication skills
  • Minimum of 5 years teaching and/or urban non-profit corporation experience
  • Expertise in school procedures and program development
  • Proven ability to motivate, inspire and manage a diverse staff
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to collaborate with others in an entrepreneurial spirit focused on improving student achievement and school excellence

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