Equipment & Supplies Available for Donation to Charter Schools

The Deepwater Horizon Claims Center has a large number of supplies available for donation to interested charter schools. These items include office supplies, furniture, business assets and miscellaneous objects useful for workplace and school settings.  Please click here for a list of items that are available and counts of each item, separated between Warehouse 1 (pages 1 – 2) and Warehouse 2 (pages 3 – 4).  The items are stored in Hammond, LA.

This offer is time sensitive, so if schools are interested in any of these items, please contact Kelly Friedlander at 504.708.1397 or [email protected] to schedule a pick-up time for next week (3/14 – 3/18) and get the necessary information. Interested schools must bring trucks, trailers, or vehicles adequate to pick up the items.