Board Member Focus: Edward Lada, Jr. , Homer A. Plessy Community School

EdwardLadaWhy did you choose to serve on your school’s board?
Plessy’s diversity and their arts-integrated and Reggio-inspired curriculum excited me most about the opportunity to serve on the board. Being able to see, firsthand, how it all worked together, seeing the art project become the bigger lesson…it all just made sense to me. It made me to want to be a part of it.

How did you become involved with your school?
Having been involved with LAPCS on the vendor level for several years, I reached out to LAPCS to let them know I was interested in board participation at a local charter school in my area. They, in turn, introduced me to Plessy and the rest is history.

What leadership roles have you held while serving on the board?
None. I serve on 3 sub-committees.

How can people help your school if they are interested?
We are always looking to collaborate with other organizations to help serve the children of our community. Spread the word! Our Head of School has a saying that has turned into a mantra for the entire organization: “This is what awesome looks like!” Come see for yourself!