Charter School Innovation Brings New Physical Literacy Program to Louisiana

February 7, 2019

Charter School Innovation Brings New Physical Literacy Program to Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS — Today the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools (LAPCS) announced the launch of a new physical literacy program for elementary students in New Orleans. The STEP program is designed to help students get better grades while getting active in the classroom. The program, underwritten by the Entergy Charitable Foundation, will help students aged 7-13 see improved reading, attention and focus, and confidence in the classroom.

“Innovation is a hallmark of public charter schools. With the STEP program, LAPCS begins a new approach to providing academic support to our schools and the students they serve,” said LAPCS Executive Director, Caroline Roemer. “LAPCS is passionate about helping struggling students reach their maximum potential. Every day we seek out partners dedicated to seeking innovative ways to help students succeed and close the learning gap. This program, which we hope will be expanded citywide, will lead to improvements in academics, reading and behavior.”

STEP is a tool that teachers can use to create a fun learning environment so that students may begin to view reading and learning as enjoyable. The pilot program will be especially helpful for students exposed to trauma. The program uses balance, coordination, and eye tracking exercises to help students become more attentive in the classroom. Students use items like bean bags, wobble boards, balance balls, and jumping jacks. It is made possible through a generous grant from the Entergy Charitable Foundation.

Public charter schools receiving the Entergy Grant include InspireNOLA’s Wilson Charter School; Crescent City Schools’ Paul Habans Charter and Harriet Tubman Charter School; FirstLine Schools’ Langston Hughes Academy; and Bricolage Academy.

Neal Stephens, STEP USA Executive Vice-President, was present at the launch of the STEP project and said, “No longer will struggling students be left behind. This unique program gives vulnerable students the little extra help they need to make a difference in their lives. Partnering with LAPCS and Entergy will provide a solution that can impact the whole child: social-emotionally and academically. It will have a profound impact on students.”

STEP is implemented by teachers certified as STEP coaches who facilitate the program.


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