Calling all presenters!

Our Mission: The mission of the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools (LAPCS) is to advance equity and educational access through the advocacy, support, and promotion of excellent charter schools.

LAPCS’ Charter School Support: LAPCS is proud to serve 152 Louisiana charter schools statewide, representing over 85,000 students and nearly 5,000 teachers. Our goal is to provide high-quality professional development opportunities for charter school school leaders, board members, administrators, and other school support staff. Besides providing charter schools with the latest legal and policy updates and requirements, we also seek to engage those in school leadership and management positions with industry best practices. 

• Previous training programs have covered such topics as HR/personnel management, troubleshooting common finance issues, serving students with special needs and disabilities, board governance, and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices within your school community. 

LAPCS Partners: LAPCS advances our mission with collaboration from local and national experts, who share their knowledge, expertise, and experience with the Louisiana charter school community. 

Request for Proposals: LAPCS invites all partner organizations and industry experts to submit presentation proposals on various topics that will contribute to the professional and leadership development of charter school board members, school leaders, and operations/support staff throughout the year.  Suggested topics include legal, HR/management, finance, operations/facilities, SPED/ELL, board governance, leadership, advocacy, communications, and DEI.

• LAPCS prioritizes presentations that are relevant to charter school needs.
• LAPCS prioritizes presentations that promote diversity and equity.
• LAPCS prioritizes presentations that serve as professional and leadership development opportunities and not organizational “sales pitches.”

We are building a pipeline of quality presenters. Partner with LAPCS and show off your skills and expertise before dozens of potential charter school clients. We have training opportunities quarterly and will notify applicants on a rolling basis.  Submit your proposal today!