Bogalusa City School District Intensifies Efforts to Disrupt Operations at Northshore Charter School

NEW ORLEANS — (February 8, 2018)  The Bogalusa City School District is now circulating letters that have confused parents over the outlook for Northshore Charter School leaving them fearful about the future of their children’s education. The latest effort to displace children during the school year is now being challenged in court. The Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools released the following statement from Executive Director, Caroline Roemer.

“We are extremely disappointed that The Bogalusa City School District has intensified efforts to not only disrupt an existing school of choice but has recently increased their campaign of misinformation which amounts to nothing more than fearmongering.

The Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools (LAPCS) believes that Northshore Charter School has worked tirelessly with the board and the Louisiana Department of Education to find a compromise to serve students and their families. It is shameful that the school board continues to value money more than their students and would like nothing more than to remove options from parents.

Despite the fact that Northshore Charter School has shown academic progress, the BCSD continues their attempts to mandate an operating agreement that limits the school’s ability to serve their students and teachers appropriately, even turning down financial support from the Louisiana Department of Education. While this is an extremely stressful situation for parents, we are glad to see the community rally around their public charter school. LAPCS will continue to work with Northshore Charter School through every legal channel to put the children of Bogalusa first and work to protect educational options for parents.”



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