Board Member Focus: Stephanie Lewis, Jefferson RISE Charter School

Why did you choose to serve on your school’s board?
Serving on RISE’s Board over the last year has allowed me to give back to a community in need. Our CEO/Head of School has proven to be resilient, determined and dedicated to the mission of quality education and preparing scholars for successful futures. RISE provides a safe, comfortable and positive environment for students who might otherwise be exposed to severely underfunded, inequitable learning environments making it hard to obtain a quality education. The retention rate of students and high performing teachers says a lot about the success of RISE. I am excited to help RISE grow and sustain.

How did you become involved with your school?
The Board Chair for Jefferson RISE recognized my untapped passion for community and education and reached out to me about the opportunity. I was honored and immediately got “on board”.

What leadership roles have you had while serving on the board? I serve on the Facilities Committee, the Development Committee, the Finance Committee and as Board secretary. I hope to Chair the Facilities committee in the future.

How can people help your school if they are interested?

We are always looking for recruit motivated and skilled Board members and committee volunteers. As a rapidly growing school, fundraising and development remain at the top of the needs list. RISE appreciates community partnerships and advocates that can help us reach our growth and sustainability goals.