Board Member Focus: Ronnie Slone, Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy (KDHSA)

Ronnie-Slone-2010-sqWhy did you choose to serve on your school’s board?
The landscape of public education is changing. It’s important for everyone to engage in the conversation and participate where appropriate. I decided on KDHSA because of its unique mission – to provide a rigorous learning environment where students achieve academically, develop intellectual curiosity, and practice environmental responsibility while exploring health and science topics and careers.

How did you become involved with your school?
There are many folks in the business community I consider my friends. One of the things we have in common is our desire to make a difference through the lens of education. I was asked to continue my many years of education advocacy at this public charter.

What leadership roles have you held while serving on the board?
I don’t hold an office at this time, deferring to those more qualified to lead the various committees necessary to build a school from the ground up. I have brought a program to the school, KDHSA’s Speech Night! Fred Parker and a few other colleagues and I have sponsored this program for many years now in district schools. 5th grade students get the opportunity to be coached by volunteers, participate in class competitions and ultimately say their speeches in front of a packed house of family and friends for trophies.

How can people help your school if they are interested?
The three “Ts” — Time, Talent, Treasure. Go to┬áto learn more about opportunities to donate, support, or volunteer.