Board Member Focus: Rex Cabaniss, Mentorship Academy

RexCabaniss-sqWhy did you choose to serve?
I was interested in learning more about providing excellent educational opportunities to today’s students. The school’s leadership and curriculum impressed me with its creativity and energy. This particular school is in downtown Baton Rouge, and I’ve been closely involved in urban planning and architectural design projects in the downtown area for many years. I want to see Mentorship Academy grow and become an important institution in Baton Rouge.

How did you become involved with your school?
I knew a past board member and expressed my interest in serving on the board. I visited the school several times and was impressed with its growth and leadership. Following an interview process, I was appointed to the board.

What leadership roles have you held while serving on the board?
Along with the school’s CEO, Graysen Walles, I designed a new Robotics Lab plus some other new classroom space. I am currently reviewing new spaces for additional classroom expansion. Recently, I was appointed secretary of the board.

How can people help your school if they are interested?
The best step is to contact the school to arrange a tour. The school has an impressive story to tell, and seeing the great work being done with and by the students is inspiring. One of our students, Rashaud Red, recently gave a very well received speech at TEDxLSU. We always welcome school supporters and/or sponsors.