Board Member Focus: Michael Williams, Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans

MichaelWilliams-sqWhy did you choose to serve on your school’s board?
I have a significant amount of non-profit experience and expertise. One day, Robert Rachel and I were talking about my experiences and he said that it would be great for Lycée. As I started to learn more about the school, I fell in love with its mission. Also, growing up, I went to public schools and got a great education. I believe all children should have that opportunity and this is my way of assuring it happens.

How did you become involved with your school?
I submitted my name to the Top Shelf program. I was selected for an interview with Lycée nominating committee and the rest is history.

What leadership roles have you held while serving on the board?
I am currently the Secretary of the Board.

How can people help your school if they are interested?
They can submit their names to the Top Shelf program or get in touch with Lycée’s nominating committee. In addition, they can always call the school and ask to be put on the volunteer list.