After conducting surveys on program services and areas of need, the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools (LAPCS) and Eastbank Collaborative of Charter Schools (ECCS) are joining forces to expand certain services to a statewide audience. The programs benefiting from the partnership will be a jointly produced newsletter entitled The BESE Bulletin and a co-sponsored "Resumes/Vacancies" webpage to promote quality employment in the charter system, the organizers jointly announced. 


Caroline Roemer Shirley is Executive Director of LAPCS, which serves charter schools across the state by providing various training programs and serving as a charter school advocate before policy-making organizations. Rose Drill Peterson is the Executive Director of ECCS, which provides direct services to 15 Orleans and Jefferson Parish based charter schools, but has offered some informational and program-specific services to a broader network. 

Sharing resources between the two organizations will allow the larger LAPCS membership to benefit from some of the ECCS-developed initiatives while improving communications within the entire charter system, where decentralization has often resulted in fractured information.

The partnership will also include an expansion of the ECCS' free email reports, the OPSBrief and RSDigest, which provide factual reporting of committee and board actions of the School Board and Recovery School District in Orleans Parish. The new jointly produced BESE Bulletin will provide meeting summaries of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, summarizing action and discussion items in addition to promoting upcoming meeting agendas.

"Feedback that we have received from recipients of these publications underscores their importance to parents, teachers, school leaders and community advocates," said Dr. Peterson. "Receiving this information allows them to continue to effectively advocate for school choice and school excellence. Incorporating LAPCS's monitoring of BESE activities helps provide accurate and timely information to parents, educators, and community members."

With the support of LAPCS, the ECCS Vacancies/Resumes database at will expand its capacity to allow LAPCS member schools from across the state to enter vacancies in addition to those already in Orleans and Jefferson parishes. The page will also feature upgraded search and filtering capabilities, including listing positions by category and location. The database is automatically updated every 60 days to ensure accuracy.

"LAPCS has been a regular sponsor of the ECCS' annual Charter School Teacher Fair, but we felt it was important to offer a similar online resource to our member schools statewide," said Ms. Roemer Shirley. "Finding and retaining highly-qualified teachers is always critical to the sustained success of any school. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we figured pooling our resources would be mutually beneficial. We're excited to be able to offer this service to our members statewide."

The updates to the website and expanded reports are now available. For more information visit or

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