The Top Shelf - CEO Evaluation with The High Bar

Event: The Top Shelf - CEO Evaluation with The High Bar
03.28.2014 8:30 am - 10:00 am


The Top Shelf is excited to partner with Marci Cornell-Feist of The High Bar to deliver a lively and interactive session on the ins and outs of the evaluation process. Marci is among the most accomplished national experts on charter school governance. She has worked with over 500 charter schools (yes, 500, count 'em) nationwide to improve their effectiveness—more than anyone else on the planet. She founded her charter school consultancy Meetinghouse Solutions in 2001, and has focused on charter school governance since the mid 1990s. After working with her first 200+ charter schools, she created The High Bar to implement the most effective strategies and practices of her many clients, and as a means of spreading this information to a wider audience of charter schools. To register, click
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