The Top Shelf

Steps to Apply to The Top Shelf Board Bank

  1. Determine if you have the capacity (time, experience, interest) in serving on a charter school board.
  2. Complete the Board Bank Application below.
  3. Consult the Event Calendar for upcoming training sessions.
  4. Conduct research on our Partner Schools. Determining the right fit is important and requires diligence on your part, as well as the school’s governing board and school leadership.

If there is a match, LAPCS will serve as a “connector” by introducing prospective candidates to the school board’s point of contact. LAPCS does not guarantee placement on any charter board or committee. Final decisions will be made at the discretion of Partner Schools.

"BCM has been a long-time proponent of initiatives that support effective school leadership and believe that quality charter school boards are absolutely critical to overall school success. The Top Shelf will provide schools greater access to a cadre of effective, efficient, diverse professionals who can leverage their experiences and talents to help drive school improvements for staff, students, and their families." Jennifer Roberts - Vice President, Education Grants at Baptist Community Ministries