Start Up Grant

In partnership with the Walton Family Foundation (WFF), LAPCS provides high-quality start-up grants to help establish charter schools serving significant low-income student populations. The Walton Family Foundation Startup Grant program supports the creation of public charters by providing grants to school developers as they launch new schools.

Grantees are school developers who primarily serve low-income children in WFF target geographies and can demonstrate the capacity to dramatically raise student achievement.


  • Existing eligibility concerning target geographies, student populations, nonprofit status and academic performance applies
  • PreK students included if charter law covers PreK and students are part of a school that includes at least 1st and 2nd grade
  • Applicants must demonstrate financial need
  • Applicants must be Louisiana Association of Public Charter School (LAPCS) members in good standing
  • Newly authorized schools; charter schools opening new, additional campuses under existing charter; or an existing school expanding to serve incremental students with new program and faculty on the same campus
  • Expenditures may be utilized for startup operations, including facilities at the discretion of the LAPCS and WFF

Potential funding avenues

Phase III - Combination Startup
$250,000 Maximum

A proposal may be submitted once the school is approved by its authorizer and during the school's first year of operation. Please first consult with WFF or our local Grant Partner before applying for this option as it is rare.

The WFF has recently restructured its Public Charter School Startup Grants so that qualified applicants would receive an upfront base amount and, over the subsequent five years, a per-pupil supplement for a maximum award totaling $500,000. The base grant award of $250,000 can be awarded in one step, but WFF does provide some schools with startup funds before their charter application is formally authorized. Schools that have already been approved may apply for a combination pre- and post-authorization grant.